Friday, March 05, 2010


EYE SEE.... people who want to make art.
(And specifically dreamy little faces.... )



I am slowly doing posts showing and telling my process for making art. I have been thinking carefully about how to show you what I do... and how I got here. I never went to art school. I am one of those silly kids who likes to learn everything the hard way. Don't get me wrong I loved the adventure of it all. It is very validating when you know how hard you have worked at something to finally be happy with some results!

The reason I want to help even if it is just a little bit? Well, it is simple... I think something that makes me happy should be shared. I was that girl who wished someone would give her some free advice. I was that girl who felt like she wasn't sure if she could /should BE an artist. I was the one who never raised her hand in class because I was too embarrassed to ask any questions. That was me... and maybe there is a person out there who wants to learn.... who wants to explore... and who needs a cheerleader. Maybe there is a person out there that has the same questions I had!
So...... I will be your cheerleader.
Don't be afraid to ask me a question.
Don't worry about doing it right.
Don't be sooooo serious!

I have been drawing for as long as I can think of..
going back and forth through different styles and phases... but anyways.....

They say that eyes are the windows into the soul.....
Eyes are extremely important in my drawing. 
I actually feel they are the most important part of a face. They say so much.

Learning how to draw eyes...

It took me forever to learn and finally find a style I am happy with.
How did I learn.... hmmmm. By making a bagillion, million mistakes.
Mistakes are a part of the process, so be a little kid and just start and see where it takes you! Who cares if you mess up! But here are some helpful ideas...
Cut out model faces out of magazines.... and I loved it when we would get the American Girl catalogs for free sent to my baby girl.... I would look at the dolls eyes!! You can also
Google the word eyes ..... print off any you think you like.
Draw on top of them until you get more comfortable with their shape.
Ready...... set....... go!
Why haven't you gone yet?
Oh you were wondering about some other things?
Like what do we do with that picture of eyes.
Oh... yes... I made that for you. Silly me.
Lets call it a practice sheet.
Click on it and then print it off!!

*It is not perfect... but that is okay with me. 
I am not seeking perfection, just happiness!


Take a Black Conte Pastel pencil (or a peel and sketch charcoal pencil), a tortillon, and an eraser... draw over the eyes.... yes right on top of them!!!
Afraid your going to press too hard? That is okay, just dab your tortillon onto your pencil a bit and use that lightly in areas where it seems very light gray.
What? You messed up? GREAT!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!
Guess what that means? You get to print off another sheet and start again.

You want to know my little secret?
Of course you do!!

My very favorite tools...
those two little fingers just love to mess... I mean, smudge everything up!
When I get overzealous with the smudging... I just go back with an eraser to lighten things up.
It takes practice! And practice takes time. If you really want to learn... you will stick with it.
And I will be here to cheer you on!!

Give me an A..
Give me an R..
Give  me  a   T!!

I will even get some pom poms for you if you want....
You can do this... the real secret ingredient is passion.
( And I know you have buckets of that)

All my love

*When I get done with all these show and tell posts I will put them all in one big tutorial. But for now you can look on my sidebar. See all those words at the bottom right? Find tutorials and CLICK! xo

** Didn't see my list of favorite supplies? You can find it here!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

GREAT post! Eyes are one of the most telling and expressive features on one's face...they often tell stories deeper than one can imagine...

LA-Laurie said...

Loved the video. You are teaching your old Mom some new tricks. Thank you for sharing with all of us. As for me, it makes me feel a little more involved and that helps, especially when I am missing you so much. I love you! Mom

WrightStuff said...

Thank you! I love painting eyes the most on a face. However, noses... they are a real problem... how do you get them looking cute? Please do share!!

Lil 'ol me said...


And...Noses are next!!!! (and sooooo simple) The face was never really about the nose for me... so I will include it with how to draw a mouth... then we'll move on to more interesting stuff! xo



Diane said...

Oh this is wonderful!!! I just found your blog and I love it. This instructional is terrific! Your art is gorgeous! I love your post commentaries. :)

Colette said...

Hi Carrie I came over to see you. I remembered you sent a letter you might give a tutorial and here you have started!

I am so happy.