Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi Friends...
Recently I have been inundated with emails from companies wanting me to do giveaways... mention certain products in return for free goods.... 'Loving the look and feel of my blog'.
Admittedly, at first I was soooo excited and flattered... nothing like petting a persons ego.

 Wow, really.... Me? My little ol' blog?

How cool... I could get some cool stuff for me or my fans. 
But suddenly as I traveled down the road of 'I will finally have something to show for my labor of love'... quickly became me 'pressing the  red pedal before the G forces kill us all!!!!' 
(I had a Flash Gordon flashback...)

 After some thought... I wrote them this and thought you would like to read it also.

I had time to look and think your proposal over. As exciting and flattering as it is to have you think that your products would benefit from being sited on my blog. I have thought about it and decided to decline your offer. Please don't take it personally. I enjoyed looking through your site, but I realized it would not be true to what my blog is about. My life. My Art. As an avid blogger for the past 4 years I have developed a unique style and created a refuge for myself and my readers. I just started to receive offers of products  from companies to both advertise on my site and also to "mention" products as a form of endorsement in the content of my blog.   I'd prefer to inform my readers that they can know for sure that my endorsement of anything (whether it's a product, a book, a piece of art, an idea) comes directly from me and not influenced by any outside source/company/or corporation.  

Thanks for your interest.  I truly hope you are not offended and understand my principles. 
Kind Regards,

I feel very happy with my decision. I could have maybe made a few bucks and enjoyed some wonderful products... but then I would not be following my passion now would I.
I thought you would understand. Thanks. ;D

So from this day forward you will see that this is an ad free blog. 
I will only write about what I like, love, & MAKE!

'It's my bloggy and I'll do what I want to....'

Okay... now I really need to go make something.

I really do love you guys..... your the greatest.

Keeping it real... and magical,


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I completely understand how you feel, Carrie. And rightfully so. It is best to stand by your beliefs and not compromise how you feel as both an artist and a person. Good for you! :) I've received a few "odd" emails where I end up thinking "who are you?" These folks don't know me - so how could I possibly represent them? LOL
Anyhow, have a great evening...hope your week is going well! :) Theresa

SharDon Exclusives said...

I do have two advertisements on my blog that I will be removing after reading your post. I have felt "guilty" "pressured", "impaired" since receiving some beads in the mail from them. I couldn't put my finger on it and you nailed it on the head! Thank you for your words of wisdom and in such a kind way. I wish I were more tactful and able to speak it. I also know that there are several blogs that earn income from the advertisements on their side bar but it just doesn't "feel" right for me somehow.
Thanks so much,

jenny said...

Wise words indeed Carrie. Keeping it real....and magical, I love that!!

Jackie said...

Beautiful Carrie, So hard to find "Real" in todays world and thats what I love about you . Stay True:)

Lil 'ol me said...

Thanks so much for the support ladies!!

LA-Laurie said...

You make me proud! Love you, Mom