Monday, March 01, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Okay so I was going to wait and upload everything all at once  but in my usual style I became very impatient. Also, I was thinking you may be eager to know what my must have art supplies are...
so here you go. 

A few of my favorite, quite mad about and can't live without items are.......

Fixative matte 
( I don't have a favorite, yet)

Drawing paper 
 any type will do, I prefer to use eco- responsible products where I can. 
Also tear out sheets are nice for you ladies who love to art journal... you can glue them in later!

I love the kneaded rubber eraser... it doubles as my stress reliever!

Blending tortillons

Pencil sharpener...
 I have one that I have had forever 
( think it was an old makeup pencil sharpener) It needs to sharpen normal and larger size pencils.

A Circle maker? 
- I really don't know what it is called,
 but you can find it in any school or hobby store, it really helps with eyes in the beginning.

Mechanical pencil or a regular one

A Black pen
and my one absolutely necessary supply....

Conte Pastel Pencils!!!!

Oh, and of course a camera or scanner.

Okay, there it is. These are some of my favorite supplies. I have a million others... but this is what I would take with me if I were asked to join the circus and only had room for a small satchel of important treasures!!! And no they haven't asked me... I am still waiting to hear back from them....



Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wonderful supplies, Carrie! I love using shading blenders. I remember in high school my first art teacher despised them. There was one pencil drawing portrait that I had been working on that I had to do all the shading with pencil. It came out rather well...I still have it housed away. But with my next art teacher, I discovered the shading blenders!!! I almost felt guilty for using them...almost. ;) Theresa

Sonia ;) said...

Very nice...Love the camera too.


Barbara said...

Love your choices!

Grandma Laurie said...

Hey, I think that sharpener is mine.....not really but I have one just like it. Imagine that. Love your list sweetheart. I miss you. Mom

Lil 'ol me said...

It could very well be yours... heaven knows I have ... ahem... borrowed things from you before.


Your little girl