Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You have to start somewhere....

I put together this collage of just a few of my ... lets call them explorations. I have drawn for such a long time. It is funny, they are all so different, yet they all have similarities... and of course I had to throw in some very old drawings I did of my kids... sketches from back in the day. Doodles and scribbles... ideas and how they have transformed.
I do have a point.... hang on. I was at the library today and they had art books.... the really big ones... on sale for just a couple bucks. While I was browsing, the gal behind the counter said ... You like art huh? Yes.. I reply. Then she asks.. so you into art then? Yes I am... I love art...blah blah blah... I reply. She says ... you are an artist then? I reply... (and remind you that being called or confirming that I am an artist still makes me squeemish) yeah.... I guess I am. It is really is something to do what you love. She says... I am not creative... I can't draw or anything......
STOP, Whoah Nelly, WHAT?!
I always feel like I have to get on my soapbox here. You are creative! It may not always be the way you think it should be. But you have to stop being so negative! You just need to find something... anything that makes you smile and just go for it. IT WILL NOT BE PERFECT!!!!! And that is okay, because guess what.... you have to start somewhere. Remember... every single artist had to begin. They were not all Picasso's, Monet, Klimt or Pollock over night. They often took years to find their way. I have no schooling... but hey you ever watch that movie Good Will Hunting? ... all you need is a library card, a curious nature.... and VWAHLAH!!
So in a nutshell... I kindly told her that every spirit is creative. And there you go. Go make something.... NOW.

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Jackie said...

Wow! First let me say I love your work and I am glad I found your blog but also I love this post. It is so hard to be a beginner sometimes. I am just beginning.I never even knew I liked to draw but hearing you say we don't get there overnight and it isn't perfect and when someone whos work I admire puts that out there it gives me great HOPE:)
Thank you !!