Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Can you fly?

'Go ahead.. spread your wings and fly.'
I really tried to figure out what my process is.... and it is simple.... I just do it. I start, then the picture just makes itself. I scour through all my tools until something feels right... I really enjoyed her. I love working on the faces.... but get annoyed with the rest of the details of the girls....I always feel the eyes are the most important... and I have come along way with toying with different eyes. Sometimes being inspired by Blythe, Anime or other folkart and Japanese art... but finally not wanting them to appear too cartoony. They always look like they know something I don't.. and they probably do. It is like they are the questions I ask myself. They are the whispering voice inside my head. I don't even know what the voice is saying until I put it all on paper... in one form or another.

I am going to have quite a few up for grabs in the gallery and at Etsy. Probably right around Thanksgiving. Don't worry... I will let you know...
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LA-Laurie said...

Another one I love. I miss you! Mom