Thursday, November 05, 2009

Heart of gold....

I was looking at these lovely pictures from Alfonse Mucha and of some lovely Long Neck (I think from the Padaung tribe) women... that is what got my creative juices flowing. I am very happy with how she turned out.
'She had a heart of gold... sometimes it was heavy to hold'
By Carrie L Wendt

*I guess in retrospect.. the heart is a bit eerie. But I wouldn't change it. It is not a cliche, sweet little heart. She may seem troubled, but she is an expression of what most women... I dare say feel. We often give freely of ourselves, listen to the burdens of others and often try to mend them as well. While we have great joy, we also have great sorrow. We are by nature, martyrs. And sometimes the cost can be a heavy burden. She is everything to everyone... she is the queen of her castle... and a very powerful being. But, will anyone come to help carry her burden? Not in this lifetime. xo

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Grandma Laurie said...

She's very beautiful. I love how your girls have evolved. I know you want my truthful observations so that's what I'll give you. I love your girl, I love her face and "hair" but the heart is a little too real for my tastes, it's a little errie. But that's just me. I love you. Mom