Thursday, February 05, 2009

In Memory of...

Arlene Poulos

A woman of character, daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.

We may cry, we may weep.
We'll all miss you as you sleep.

You'll be waiting in a peaceful bliss,
And we'll be thinking of the one we miss.

We'll all be reminiscing of times long past,
And you'll see your son... finally, at last.

You were ready, we were not
because we are human, a selfish lot.

You'll be missed.... it is you, we adore
it is hard to think, you'll not be here anymore.

I love you and will think of all our times together,
and will look forward to one day, being a family forever.

Every tear I cry right now seems so pointless, and yet they fall freely. I knew she was ready, we all knew it was coming. But that doesn't seem to ease the pain does it? I just keep thinking how it all goes by so quickly. I feel like all I am doing is searching for my favorite memories to keep me comfortable. Like every time she would visit, she would wake up so early.... and I would stumble out all sleepy and crawl into her lap and we would drink tea. She would cuddle me and talk to me. She loved me. She had such a heart. Such a capacity to love us all. Always hoping for everyone to have happy, wonderful lives. Always trying to do the right thing. And she was so humble. So meek, always telling me straight up how imperfect she was, although for years I didn't believe her. But once I really got to know her as I grew older, I figured out she really wasn't perfect, and that only made me love her more. Because I realized she was just as human as we all are. Messy, stupid, carnal beings... mucking around in this world fighting against it for the most part... always rebelling and complaining about something.... we are such a bunch of belly achers aren't we (I know I do my part)? She was too, but some where along the way SHE figured it out. She stopped going down one road and started down a much less traveled one. She took the higher ground.... and she was like a light upon the hill, a beacon, a ray of hope for so many. She was a good woman, a strong woman, and loving woman. I wish everyone could have known her. She was a real looker... smart and stubborn. A vivacious lady who had a wild life and a quiet one. A saint and a little devil. She had seen it all, done it all. If she were here she'd wonder what all the fuss is about. She would want us to take care of ourselves.... she'd want us to sing and just be together. She'd rest just knowing her family is happy. That is all she ever really wanted.... peace and happiness for us. All of us. You. Me. So let's cry a little.... then remember in a world like ours... we had love, happiness, joy and beauty, and her name was Arlene Poulos.

Carrie Lee

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Grandma Laurie said...

Very lovely my darling. Just a side note, you spelled Poulos wrong. No "a". Forever the editor. I love you. Mom