Sunday, February 01, 2009

The big BUTT bluuuuuuwuwuwuuues....

It is my own fault. I can't blame that 'extra brownie' or the 'too tired to exercise excuse'.
Nope nobody to blame but myself... so I am sitting (not exercising) here trying to thinking how I can get rid of the big butt blues. HA!
Any ideas? I have NO will-power. None, nada, ZIP.
I see food and I eat it... I don't eat unhealthy.... but I don't think portion control is something I have ever been good at. I love food.. making it and trying new recipes and cuisines.....
I also have an issue about exercise. I don't like it. I love playing and doing athletic things as long as it is disguised as fun. I really must find a better way to trick myself into exercise. I was athletic back in the day. But my days of trying out for the team are over. So any ideas? Anyone out there want to help me be accountable? Cuz I've got the bluwuwuwuwuuuues.

BTW... I really love you guys... my peeps rock.
Yup... they do... ya sure... you betcha.

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Unknown said...

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