Friday, February 13, 2009

What have I been up to?

A lot... the general..... being a mom..... being an artist...... going to Vegas......

Yes, you heard that last part right. I went to Vegas. Jere decided pretty last minute that we were going to get away. So we did. We had so much fun. To be honest after the last month, it was exactly what I/we needed. And I danced... basically until my feet started to go from agonizing pain to numbness! It was worth it.

So I get back home... and basically go right back into normal mode. I do some laundry, make some food.... blah blah..... snuggled with my kiddos and was snoring before the news finished.

I woke up this morning and finished pulling some things together for the curator at the Plains Art Museum... and am now getting ready to go out the door....

I have decided something, NORMAL really is lovely as long as you can have some SPONTANEOUS now and then. Don't you think? Here is to normal and strange and everything in between.



1 comment:

Shalee said...

Hey my love, glad you got to get away I KNOW that is just what you needed.

Love ya bunches
Your Callie girl