Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miss me?

Hey everyone.
Just a quick note to let you know I am still here. I have been busy working on some new pieces and I am going to start a new blog that is devoted purely to art, (with all the family emotions running high... I feel a little like Sibel...and when I am sad I don't feel like blogging) it will allow me to be more professional. I am also thinking about opening an Etsy store. People have asked where they can order my prints/art etc.... so I am THINKING about it. A whole lot is changing right now. I think everyone is noticing a big shift this year. But I am not going to be afraid of change. I am going to embrace it.
So how about you? What are you embracing this year?
So far.... I am a new member of a gallery, I am doing more art shows, I will be involved in the Plains Art Museum Spring Gala.... both as a contributing artist and fellow party goer! I am making more art everyday, and I love it! And all the while thinking of how much I miss family and wish they were here to celebrate with me... but such is life.
I hope your new year is headed off to a good start. I know it can be scary and all. But we are all in this together! Take care peeps...
OH! By the way... I am working today at Gallery 4.... today from 11-5pm. So come on by and visit me if you can!


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Debee Campos said...

oh I am SO proud of you!
look at you following your dreams!
I think that is so inspiring. I hope and pray for a big brave step into your happiest and wildest dreams...they do come true :)

I wish I could stop off and say hi with some starbucks... but hello for now !