Friday, October 10, 2008

The Griswold's Midwest Vacation...

So it begins... our car looks like it could burst it is packed so full. The kids are excited AND annoying... they are in too close of proximity too each other right now. I've already heard enough 'your dumb's' and 'your stupid's' and 'mom he /she is being mean' to last a while. Can't be too hard on them.... they are just so pumped up right now. Once they got to the pool, they were nearly saintlike. I could practically hear the hallelujah chorus in the background and see a glimmering beam of bright light shining onto the pool.
So far so good.. no hitches as of yet.
Many days in the car together... pray that we all come out of this alive. hehe.
Mrs. Griswold (AKA Carrie)

I am a crocheting fool!
It is a good time to finish some projects.

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