Saturday, October 11, 2008

How do you know when you are in the Midwest?

When you go to the Corn Palace! Yes I said the Corn Palace.... A building completely embellished with corn every autumn ( and it is different every year). It was amazing to think that people spent so much time decorating with corn!

We started at a leisurely pace this morning, let the kids swim, ate breakfast and took off down the road again. It has been cloudy and a little rainy. Even with the weather, we have had such a nice time. We stopped in Mitchell, to make a pit stop and walked to see the the area, and stretch our legs a little bit. The kids got an ice cream , saw a jackalope, an antelope (giant head sculpture!) and then we finally made it to the hotel and settled. We went and ate some Chinese then were able to go swimming again! We are going to be prunes by the time we make it to Colorado! We are anticipating a little snow fall tomorrow morning. Hoping it won't be too nasty in all those hills!

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