Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hunter, gatherer...

I am hunting and gathering. Inspiration is my prey! Okay maybe this is an excuse to spend far to much time on Pinterest. Being at home during the winter months can get a a bit monotonous you know.... So While I am here hibernating in my usual fashion, I am at least trying to learn some new things. You know me.... lovin the learnin.

I had resigned from Gallery 4 to focus on some new goals and see where my art would lead me ( i may return soon though... i miss my peeps). I basically was open to everything and loving to learn.... as you know. So I had these big aspirations to start writing again. But then I became stumped. Going back and forth in my mind. Asking myself what is the story. But I was fighting myself too much. So I just went back to the drawing board and immersed myself in everything I love.... I am creating myself from moment to moment and it feels right to have things develop organically instead of forcing things.

I realized a few things in the last few months.... I love to sculpt... and am experimenting as we speak! I just made some cold porcelain.... i love it... the kids love it... you can make a bunch for cheap!!!! Here you go.... my first video tutorial.... no judging! I am no pro... that I am sure, is obvious. lol

 I love sharing, I love stories, and feelings.... I love making people happy and hopeful. So I am exited to work on some dioramas and such.... I am not sure how these stories... or works will develop but I will just let it happen.... here is what has been inspiring me lately.....

Paper Theatres = LOVE

You can find out everything about them here : 

I really, really, REALLY want to make one... and start making more dioramas... 3D art seems to have my heart doesn't it? I can't wait to see what I can create.. my own worlds!!!! Ahhhhhh ... I can't stand it... so much to do... so many ideas.... I better rein myself in... whoa girl!

Then there is the art of art of Sandra Arteaga... 
she is so inspiring.... Wish I could step into her dreams and see what happens there. 
I think we could be kindred spirits.

The Last Chapter by Sandra Arteaga

Then there is also the work of Paola Zakimi from Argentina. 
I found her through an article in the Art Doll Quarterly.
 She also doesn't limit herself to just sculpture... showing me that you can do it all!!! Wonderful. xxoo

Art doll by Paola Zakimi 

I have been spending a lot of time learning and experimenting with how to make moveable dolls.... The best and hardest option being learning how to make a ball jointed doll.... Im not going to lie.... it takes some practice, I have yet to be happy with my own results so far. I am very impatient and a little OCD! lol

But here is a good tutorial on how to make ball jointed dolls in the Asian style
 So go ahead and give it a go... let me know how it works for you!
 Noah gives a really nicely detailed explanation.

And if that isn't enough well.... don't even get me stated on Etsy!!!! 

I love Etsy. It is my favorite way to shop for friends and family!!!! It is also my favorite way to be inspired. The talent and creativity out there is amazing... and so easily available!!!! I find the most fun way to shop on Etsy is to peruse  the Favorites of sellers and buyers on Etsy! Here are some of my favorites above.... I just love that you can start at one place then fall in love with another and another.... checking out other peoples favorites can lead you all over the world to the most inspiring places!!!! Give it a try... start looking through my favorites... then look at another... and another. You will be surprised at what you find. It is so much fun!

Then there is Pinterest.
Same principle idea... hunting and gathering inspiration from every corner of the web... from all over this ever shrinking world of ours.....

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So go Hunt and Gather and see what you find... then go create... use your imagination and see where it takes you. Whole new worlds await you. 

Carrie Lee

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