Monday, February 06, 2012

Don't feel bad... I still love you.

My poor little sweet blog... have we been feeling a bit neglected? Are we beginning to feel the sting of jealousy every time I post to Facebook or pin another something on my ever expanding this of fabulous bits of inspiration onto Pinterest? I know, I know.... it doesn't seem fair does it?

Well... I guess I have just been feeling as though I don't really know where to start! So much has happened this year... So sit back and relax so I can bring you up to date shall I? Seems fitting to recap the last year and start fresh anyways right?!!! So here it  goes ...

Last year brought a great many changes for me....

*I started doing more group shows with some wonderful Ladies of Lowbrow..... like Tanna Lee Hill and Amber Noel Parsons.... and just generally spending more time with my friends, peers, mentors.... 
(My friends are wonderful, crazy and extremely talented... I'm so lucky!)

*Resigned from Gallery 4 to focus on expanding my horizons and family!!!!!

(Yes, this is how I focus on family)

*My trips to Georgia, Florida, Colorado and the Cities kept me busy!!!

*Started keeping Bees.... it is amazing and a learning process that we have not yet mastered!! LOL

*Jeremy and I celebrated 15 years together which I think is amazing... I have been with him since I was 17 years old, crazy huh?!

(he is so bashful... and so cute I might add)

*Had a chili cook off... it was a tasty event! One word... YUM.

*Added onto the back porch , a craftsman style pavilion (my mister is quite talented, \(^.^)/ !)

*I started sculpting!!!!! I love it and am so excited for what the future may bring... I feel like my art is growing organically and just seeing where the journey will take me, just focusing on doing what I love!!!!!!

(as you can see I changed up my blog a bit to reflect my ever changing art!)

*Of course I took a bit of a sabbatical after I butchered my hand.... I still have some nerve damage, but that hasn't stopped me from doing what I love..... If you really want some advice... DONT EVER RUN A KNIFE THROUGH YOUR FINGER/HAND!!!!! It was a real pain, but also a blessing in that it showed me how grateful I am to have the use of my hands.... I can't imagine not being able to do what I love!

(It went through two fingers... yuck! Luckily it is almost better now.)

* My kids are getting to be young amazing people...
 who teach me daily the joys and pains of parenthood!!
Cass is a regular comedian as is her brother!!!
Did I mention they are both double digits now? 
I know, crazy right?

(Connor in Football gear, and enduring 'Phase Three' from Grandpa, awww life lessons are fun aren't they?! Cass in her autumn Head wreath and goofy bison hat! lol)

* Our newest adventure.... FLYING!!!!!!!
Jeremy asked me one day... 
'I am going to start taking flying lessons....Do you want to learn how to fly with me?'
Um, hello.... yes please.

So there it is ... well, the highlights anyways.

Now that we are all caught up I am going to try harder to share my daily inspiration, progress, and just some bits and pieces of my everyday life!

Hope your last year was full of fun and adventure!!

Carrie Lee

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