Thursday, April 21, 2011

And I'm back....

I thought I would share some of the work I have been up to recently.... We just had Passover, the flood is done and they are taking down the mud dike on our road, I finished 7 new pieces for the group art show and the house is clean (!!!!)... finally, I feel like I can breath again. 
Why is it, as I get older, everything my mom said about time flying as you age now suddenly makes sense? I really could use an 8 day week just to get done all the things I want to do! Thankfully spring is here and even though we just made a snow man Saturday morning (after 4 fresh inches of sticky snow last Friday night)... it has melted and the birds are singing again (although, I am sure they are a bit pessimistic like myself right now).

 And a special shout out to my 2 lovely blogging buddies, Felicia and Theresa, for not giving up on me.... you are the best... thank goodness for Facebook!! xxoo

So here we go... A sneak peek at the show....

Inner Workings

In My Bones

If You Love Me Let Me Go


I will be doing another post here shortly...
 to show you a more detailed look at my process.... so keep an eye open!!

Thank you for the support, your the best!!
Carrie Lee


Shayla said...

Holy cats! I just about died when I first saw these load. I am in love with your first two creations. Talk about badassness

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Well, hello! All these new works are gorgeous, Carrie. :) I know you've been hard at work. Glad the floods are over and happy spring to you!!! Theresa

Felicia said...

Hi Carrie, these are unique - totally fabulous!! You even make bones beautiful! the last two are so detailed.... its lovely to have you back, I hope you and your family are well.x