Tuesday, October 12, 2010

American Girl....

Liberty of my imagination.
Exempt within your boundaries.

I am not dependent upon you.
But you are dependent on me.

Peeling away the russet skins and immersing the nourishing root into the boiling water. Reading Proust. Hanging the damp linen over the long steady twine. Wrapping the weeping wounds, mending shattered bones. Nursing the infant on my breast. Curating harmony with the stroke of my pen or poetic speech. Pricking my finger with the same tormenting needle. Reinforcing his character and surrendering to his needs. Remembering the sacred words I must teach.

I will learn more than I dare take to task. I will become more than I can imagine. I am the leader of tomorrow or the mother of today. I am soft and strong. I am wise and willful. I am my choices until my journey is done.

And then, I will blow away into a million tiny fragments. Into the spacious skies, over the cascading golden fields. I am the wind that billows your stripes and stars.

I am free.

Carrie Lee Wendt

Another piece I did recently. At Gallery4. She is on a Linen Canvas that I fell in love with. 


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Beautiful image and beautiful words to match! Theresa

Felicia said...

Beautiful! your new blog is lovely too! x

LA-Laurie said...

I love, love,love this American Girl, she's really beautiful, just like you. Your talent blows me away!