Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I have been working on....

'She Keeps Growing'

More girls.... I recently thought that I wouldn't be able to draw girls anymore. WRONG! I regrouped, refocused and am back at it. Been working harder then ever to really dig deep and find what it is that I need to create. I think everytime I get in a funk about my art it only helps me to strive towards something better... I still feel a little like I have my hand in too many pots, but it is, what it is.

'How Love Grows'

On a personal note.... my baby boy had strep throat, he was very sick for about a day and a half. It did not take long before he was terrorizing his sister and I again. I am glad and relieved that he is feeling better since we are leaving for Florida tomorrow to visit my dad. Almost ready.... just a few last minute things and we are good to go! I have to be honest... I am ready to go on vacation, a real one. I just want to sit outside and soak up some sun! As I speak we are being pounded by our worst snow storm this winter. So so long my lovelies! I will be back in a week! I am not even going to take my computer! So I will talk to you when I get back.


fia lotta jansson said...

hi carrie!
I am happy that you like my music! thank you!
I love your work, beautiful drawings!
all the best to you!

Sara said...

Hey, how are things at your house? Everyone better?

Ok, I have no idea where to put this comment, but...

I was looking for widgets and found this lil bit of info:


It's about how to get your blog to show up in more search results by changing the setup from Blog Title/Post Title to Post Title/Blog Title... makes the blog more relevant to searches.

:) I did it, and nothing's screwy so far I don't think!