Monday, March 23, 2009

Fargo Moorhead Flooding...

As you read this the people of Fargo & Moorhead are in a frenzy to fight against the rising flood waters. Even though people are in a catastrophic situation.... it is also amazing to see everyone pull together. So far I have shoveled, slinged bags, filled bags and made chili for the families, friends and neighbors that are all in a panick to protect their homes. I hope that everyone out there is doing well and have the help they need. We are working our butts, like so many. But there is still so much to do and so many more helpers needed. Pray for us.... pray for everyone that we will come out of this without to much damage. If you can help in any way... please do. I am in Oakport or North Moorhead, off of 11th street north. It doesn't matter which house you help.... just pick one. Thankyou all. God Bless.



Shalee said...

How did ya fair the night sweetie, everyone still there and okay? Its scary to see mother natures fury but awesome to see mankind come together for the greater good, I am sure its very inspiring.

Flooding is going around, my friend in FL just had couple feet of flooding and they have LOTS of damage, infact her sisters house is going to be demoed it was damaged so bad. Everyone is in my prayers.

Sara McManigle said...

Hey. Thinking about you and hoping things are looking ok for the weekend's predictions. If I could GET to Fargo, I'd be helping out!

Anonymous said...
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