Thursday, January 08, 2009

In California........

Can you hear the sigh of relief.................. AAAHHHHhhhhhh.
Grandma is in the clear for now. She is looking really good today. The last few days have been kind of a whirl wind. It has been really nice to see all the family. Almost everyone has come to see Grandma, including my brother, Denny.... oops I mean Dennis ( he'll always be Denny to me). It has ended up being a happy trip.. things are just getting better. Nothing like a little trial to bring families closer.Today was a busy day. I gave Grandma a little bath and got her all prettied up for the physical therapist and the social worker. We had lunch and I cleaned up a little here and there. We had one more visitor when Shalee came... it was so nice to see her. It has been busy trying to get things running the right way around here. Mom was able to go back to work today, and Lana too. I know their bosses were happy to get them back. So I am here just trying to help when I can and get Grandma back into a routine. It will be hard to leave.. I wish we were all closer to make things easier... well, I am here now.

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