Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Praying works...

My Grandma is doing well, she is recovering fairly quickly from her stroke. Isn't it amazing how things in our lives can seem so bleak, and then the very next moment, it seems, everything is just fine? A roller coaster I tell ya! I am optimistic for her, but cautious, and well, it just puts things in perspective..... the days go whirling by and we are so busy... then BOOM... it is as if time stands still. When my mom first called me with the news... everything stopped. You know that sinking feeling that goes to your gut, and makes you feel sick? Not pleasant... not a teeny bit. It seems like the last couple days have been weeks.. but things are getting better and you know what that means. Well, time is quickly picking up speed here again, and I am sure it will proceed with it's feverish pace before long. But in the meantime, I will love harder, listen better, pray more. Maybe that world peace prayer will have a better chance now since he granted me this one wish? What do you think? Should I give it a try.... I think I will.

And WOW... thank you so very much for the emails and comments... so many lovelies out there. Makes a girl very hopeful, very happy and full of love for all of you!

Carrie Lee

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