Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Every girl should know how to make a princess crown!

We had a princess party. We had good reason to celebrate. With my grandma out of danger and on the road to recovery, I felt like we could once again, dance and sing. So Cassidy had a slumber party ... we made Princess crowns and watched chick flicks and ate popcorn. They have now voted me mom of the year.
I think everyone should know how to make a princess crown... we can all wear our crowns whenever we need to feel a little extra special. Okay?I know those little girls had the time of there lives glittering and glueing... it was simple and fun!
Here is how to make a princess crown :
Step 1 ~ pretty paper, I liked using scrapbooking paper.. gorgeous and sturdy.
Step 2 ~ draw a template on back of paper.... can be a scallopped design or just zizag.
Step 3 ~ be careful with the scissors, and cut out!
Step 4 ~ find a few little princesses to decorate with tissue, stickers, glitter, ect.
Step 5 ~ punch a hole in each side and loop through some ribbon an tie on their crown... hooray!
We dedicate our celebration to the queen of my heart, Grandma Poulas.
Love you Grandma!
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