Monday, December 01, 2008

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

I did!
I ate way too much.... but I think that is required, don't you?
I had yummy food and a terrific visit with family and friends. We went to Jeremy's side of the family.... I think they must be related to Martha Stewart in some way. Everything was just so meticulous. His Aunt Norma worked very hard to make everything just perfect. It was so nice of them to invite us, since the rest of the family had plans to do something else. Every other year we all get together. You know how it is...... go to my family.... next go to his family. Next year is my big year... it is finally my turn to have the whole family over! But we are blessed with awesome cooks.... so I am looking forward to that feast!
So how did everyone fair? Good? Great? Frustrating ( hey, sometimes.... let's face it.... family can be)? I hope it went better than you hoped for, anyway.

Connor is being such a sweetheart.... I think he wants something.
Jeremy made supper for us..... I left for a little while and came back ... Supper was on the stove. Can you believe he didn't even use a recipe? And it was delicious! I asked him....
"Wow, honey this is great! How did you do it?"
His reply.....
"AHHHH, the wonders of cream of mushroom soup."
HA! Isn't that great.... he really is amazing. I am lucky... OKAY BLESSED! He is one great guy.
Cassidy has been battling some congestion... and her tonsils are huge! She has been a trooper though... if she doesn't buck it I may have to take her in, it will be the first time she has ever had to take antibiotics if she does. WOW! She so badly wants to feel better... she has decided that she wants to be a singer like mommy and Gabriel from the High School Musical movie. So she needs to not sounds like a froggy has leaped into her throat.
Well.... this upcoming week will be busy.... I will be finishing all my work in the studio. I will need to practice for the special music I am doing for church this weekend. And on top of that I am sooooo hormonally imbalanced..... ahhh the joys of a hysterectomy.... wish me luck.

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