Friday, December 12, 2008

catching you up.....

'My life is a circus'

' Mr. Darcy loves me'

'Horse gypsy'

'Falling up'

Had the trunk show last night... so now I can come up for air again! Sorry dearest lovelies!
So much to catch you up on.... well for now I am taking a much needed lazy day and spent most of it with a sick little boy. He is feeling much better now and we cuddled and are happy to not do anything! I still have lots of pictures and stories to post, but right now I will just give you a small sample of what I have been up to. I am going to soak up some much needed down time with the family.
Here are a few of my newest art creations! Mixed Media Collage art prints! They are the perfect combination of my need to work with messy paints and add a little bit of my vintage flare( I love old stuff, magazines, books, postcards, photos! Thanks mom... your fault!) , and just a dash of my computer geekery. Put it all together and you get an original work of 'Carrie' art! I am very happy with how they turned out! They look better framed, matted and hung. But you get the idea.

So much more to show you.... it is all coming! SOON!

(all images are copyright of Carrie Lee Wendt, please do not reprint or use without permisssion. Thanks!)
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