Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well.... it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I am feeling so much better and we have been so busy already. We went out and cut up some old dead trees in the woods by my in laws house. We took the kids and made it a team effort... lugging, stacking and just traipsing through the area to explore while Jeremy was cutting it all. We saw old nests left by the woodpeckers, and hoof prints from the deer, and tons of mushrooms this year. Mushrooms on the damp forest floor and growing like steps on the trees, and funny little mushrooms growing out of the knots on the stumps. It was really beautiful. We had fun walking the woods... I felt a bit like Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I am looking for a new camera before we go to Colorado... so I can take lots of great pictures. I also need better quality for the pics I need to take of my art, illustrations and other creative things I want to keep track of. So more pics will be coming... as soon as I get all organized for our trip and get my new camera.
Talk to you all soon.
Take care all!

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