Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going to the lake..

We had a nice morning.
Opened all the windows and had our first autumn feeling breeze.
I didn't want to get out from under the warm covers, so I stayed snuggled in and read my M.E. magazine. Eventually I got up and made us some tea and helped Jere make breakfast.
Eggs, hashbrowns, sausages... and pastries from the store as a special treat, YUM.
Cassidy wanted to go back out to the studio but I was to lazy, and wanted to actually have a day of rest. So we rested, we looked at the map for our upcoming trip and got ready for our day.
Packed for the lake and got ready for church. And now we are getting ready to go, so hopefully I will have some pictures and put some things up when I get back.

I can feel my favorite season is coming, can you feel it?
I can almost smell the marshmellows...mmmmmmmmm.

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