Monday, August 25, 2008


Venting-I am very flustered. I guess I have to many irons in the fire. Kids will be going back to school. I will be going back to work. I am working on my art and writing. I have so many ideas. My hubby, my kids, my house, my art. I was feeling guilty and scared. I think Jeremy wants the best, and watches out for me and questions my chaos-wich I take the wrong way, but I know he only wants me to be happy.This year is going to be busy! After all that I have been through. I want to do everything that I have always dreamt of doing. One thing that will help-this BLOG!It will make keeping in touch with everyone so much easier.Like my mom, dad, my niece Kaeli (away at college); all my friends and family.
Venting over now, thanx.

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