Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Day

Today I was a busy girl.
Cleaned up the house..... ran a couple errands this morning, I had a few things to take to the thrift store, and while I was there I stopped to look at old books. I picked up a couple old books with some old pictures and other things that will look good in a collage. Then when I got home I folded some more laundry, made lunch for kids, then went out to the studio and cleaned and organized, it looks so nice now!
I bought a couple Tupperware yesterday. Wow, they really helped. Makes finding things a whole lot easier. I was out there for a good 3 hours. It was LONG overdue. Do you know something I hate doing, I mean REALLY hate?! Putting gesso onto a new canvas, tedious. ugh. The frames Jere made are so nice, but I couldn't find preprimed canvas to fit, so I had to get a roll of the other stuff, NEVER AGAIN! Anyway -I needed to get them ready so I can actually put a series together, have the ideas, the sketches, just need to put it on canvas. I would like to sell some art some day. And even a children's book....And now that I am all de-cluttered it should be even more enjoyable to try! Plus, I want to reinstate girls day/night at the studio. I might even have an extra easel and painting area for a certain someone..... who might want to come over when the kids are at school ;).
Look at how neat it is now.... and is that an extra place to paint I see?


Shalee said...

I have never seen your house or studio, so cool to see them in pics. I love your studio, very cool place to be creative! Nice and clean............I dispise cleaning and decluttering but you can only let it not get done so long before it grows arms and legs and takes over ha!

Shalee said...

Happy Sabbath!

love ya:)

Grandma Laurie said...

Is that "MY" painting place, or am I going to have to fight for it?

karman said...

Oh...I see my spot!!