Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School Night!

So today we went and got the rest of the kids supplies , then went shopping for a couple clothing items, and shoes. Went to the mall, to Walmart, and Scheels. It was fun, tiring and expensive... oh my.... expensive little boogers! I have decided that kids should come with a sticker price, like cars, that way you once you get over the initial sticker shock, you are at least not surprised later on. And then there is the activity fees, the lunch fees...... Well, just glad we are done, sick of looking at lists.
Afterward we went to Altoni's for dinner, yummy pasta! Now we are home and Cassidy is having one last sleepover. She and all her little friends are so excited for school, can't say the same for Connor. He is too cool for school right now, he loves being with his friends, but thinks school is long and tedious ( I'm sure I never felt that way, HA). Even though he won't admit it I now he is anxious. Today at lunch, the kids were so goofy, they brought their two friends Izzy and Joey, they laughed so hard Izzy turned purple. I kept telling her she had to breath, but she just couldn't stop. It was contagious. We had people staring at us, we looked like a bunch of goonybirds. You could just feel how electric they are right now. They have so much energy, if only I could plug my utility line into them somehow...
Again, not much art getting done... pretty much finished with "My Serenade".
Take a look


Shalee said...

Sounds like lunch was eventful haha. I know what you mean, kids can break the bank, this yr we had to pay $300.00 for both kids to ride the bus! California budget cuts ugh! The kids have been in school for two full weeks today and are still far:)

Hey check it out

Shalee said...

Love your finished "My Serenade"!! Do you sell your art work at that Log Cabin Art place or keep it to enjoy?