Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Over the weekend.........

Well, this weekend was awesome. We had church as usual.... except the video we were supposed to watch for the second half of services was missing. OOPS! So we got to visit longer afterwards. I was not feeling terrific so I took a little nap before Jere was supposed to take me out for a date.

Much to my surprise..... when we showed at the restaurant, the whole fam damily was there! For my 30th birthday party that I knew nothing about. It was really cool, I was really shocked, we had just dropped the kids off with Mom and Dad , and who else was there...... Mom and Dad. She is a very clever lady I tell you! When we dropped the kids off she was in her house coat and I was concerned that she might be tired.... HA. The joke was on me!

We had a great time... dinner, drinks, dancing. The works. It was a blast.. what a lucky girl I am! I got some really nice gifts also.

Well, the rest of the time I got ready for the feast packing and such.... Then we had the day of Atonement on Monday.... or Yom Kippur, to the rest of the world. We were so proud of Connor! He said he wanted to try to fast, so we let him, but we insisted he have water the first time, he is just so young...(8). He did great! He ate nothing, and now he knows what it means to really be hungry and understand the blessings we are given. It was really inspiring to see my little boy already learning such life lessons.

Well, now I am still packing, cleaning, & organizing everything for our road trip! So, I will try to keep track of everything once we get going but who knows How crazy I will be.... so I may not journal again till after the Feast. So BABYE!

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