Friday, September 29, 2006


Well, we did a lot this week. We did a bunch of shopping for our kids and relatives and the kids at our church. With the Holy days coming up we have had a lot to do. I had fun doing it though. But now I am tapped out and on top of it all I have a bit of a cold. Normally having a cold would not bother me, but since I just got over bronchitis and pleurisy, well let's just say I thought my run of being sick was over! GRRRRR!

On Wednesday, Jere and I went out to do some more shopping and he took me to the mall and bought me a beautiful White Leather Jacket. He said it was for my birthday! It is so neat, I just love it! Isn't it really cool, he is so good to me!
Maybe turning 30 won't be so terrible.......... we'll see. I still don't like saying it.

But today I am 29! I am 29! I am 29!

I kind of regret not having said that more now that I will not be able to much longer.

I AM 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That felt good.
Thursday, I just cleaned up and did same old stuff, then I spun some more wool. I am getting better at it. But I still have so much to learn! Then I was feelin kind of yucky so I just chilled out and watched Grey's Anatomy with Karman. I am so addicted to that show! I pretty much just vegged out and Karm worked on a couple of her paintings. She is very dedicated to her art. She is so inspiring. She also brought me some clothes that she didn't fit into or like...... so I got to do some digging. I am so glad I am shorter than her! Tehe. Atleast I get some cool clothes from being a munchkin!
Tonight Jere took us to Altoni's for supper. They have good homemade italian and american food... at a great price. He has been such a sweety lately. What can I say Life is good..... Have a great

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