Monday, February 04, 2013

MMO's ... GW2 to be clear.

So I thought I would give my guildies a shout out from my little place in the blogosphere.. And yes dear followers if you didn't already know that I am a huge nerd. I am here to confirm that yes it is indeed true. This is me (cyber-me... Not real me... I wish I had those abs lol).. Just in case you want to find me online..... Queen White Raven.

And this is real me... Carrie Lee... Covered head to toe in hats and scarfs and wool socks because it is freeeeeezing here.

So what is your favorite guilty pleasure? I am a geeky artist who loves mmo's. Also, for those of you out there looking to join a nice friendly guild.... (Creepy people need not apply) visit us at we are on the EU server Ruins of Surmia.... Peace out... I'm off to slay some Risen.

Carrie Lee

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