Monday, October 10, 2011

Light and Shadow

'Where there is light... There is always a little shadow'
Mixed media sculptures
By Carrie Lee Wendt

I am really having fun working three dimensionally. I never really wanted to work with clay.... I am afraid I have always been leery of the medium. But guess what? I love it.... I am obsessed! I can't believe I have been missing out. But this is old news to you guys.... What can I say.... I am so EXCITED!!
Lol, What a dork I am. Oh well, live and learn. So now, alas, you can see the progress I have made.

Anyways, you knew I was experimenting with it....

No more worrying about wether or not my sculpting would end up looking like Abe Lincoln or the elephant man.... Not that they wouldn't be someone else's idea of a good project... Just that those gentlemen were not what I was going for and luckily am happy to report that my ideas came to life the way I had hoped. (wiping sweat from brow)

And yes... you can still see my work is always reflecting my feelings toward balance... Towards past and present.... Towards happy and sad... Good and evil.... Yin and yang. I think my work will always have a story.
I never really go into a project knowing exactly what I am doing. Things usually come as an idea, a quote or short story I've come up with..... then I develop it as I go on. I basically go on a wing and a prayer. (procrastination is also key to getting inspiration revved up...Lol)

I hope you are in your life... Learning, living.... loving. Doing what you're destined to do.
Carrie Lee
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