Thursday, September 15, 2011

Working Girl.....

So I thought I would just let you 
see the progress on this piece I am working on....
It is evolving into something that 
I am pleasantly surprised with. 

for some odd reason 
I was always under the impression that 
I could not or rather should not work with clay....
 I have always loved sculptures.. 
well, maybe envy is a better word.

Well, the ladies and I had recently 
talked about doing a more 3D show.
While that scared me in all honesty,
 I really did want to challenge myself.
(or rather prove to myself that i could do this)

I mean after all, 
I love love love Asian ball jointed dolls.
Have  for a looonnng time. 
Don't have one because they are so very expensive.
So why not give sculpture a go?

So, you can see here 
I am having lots of fun! 
It just goes to show that you 
shouldn't be afraid of trying new mediums!

Now, this is actually turning out the way I want....
 but Tanna and Amber will tell you 
that the first face I made 
looked a bit like Abe Lincoln... 
the second was better but a 
little more 'Beetlejuice' than I was hoping for.

And here she is getting all 
primed up and ready to play with...

I have to tell you.... this is the most fun.... 
almost like giving a friend a makeover! 

She is almost done.... 
she is not going to be a doll but 
rather look like she is growing into or out of something.....

I will post more when she is done.
I cant wait to see her come together!

wish me luck...
Carrie Lee


Unknown said...

that is beautiful! Errie, and a bit scary at the start - but so beautiful now. Wow.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

She is absolutely fabulous!!!! The detail is amazing, Carrie. Thank you for sharing her. :)

Carrie Lee said...

Thanks ladies! Xxoo