Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let your tears fly away...

Every year during Passover I reflect. I reflect on the last year, I also reflect on my life as a whole. Where my journey in this life has taken me. My disappointments and my achievements. I am thankful for the opportunity to take a side out out and just breath it all in. The happiness.... the sadness..... then let it go. 

Letting My Tears Fly Away
Carrie Lee Wendt (c) 2011

A dear friend of mine has a son the same age as Connor, almost thirteen. ( I know crazy right?!) Well, we were talking the other day and her son asked me point blank.... 'if there is a God, why would he allow suffering?' Boy oh boy, kids really do hit you with the hard ones. I know, not everyone has the same religion, beliefs, what have you, but I do believe that life has lessons for us all, no matter what we believe or do not believe for the matter. So, back to what I was saying, I in return asked him a question... have you ever known someone who had everything handed to them? Really.... have you ever taken a good look at a person who was never allowed to fail, suffer and was given everything they ever wanted? I don't know too many myself, but I remember a few kids growing up and of course have seen the prime examples of many a spoiled rotten person on the multitude of shows we have on television right now. Then I asked, of any of those people, do you see kindness and compassion? Do you see character? Do you see wisdom? Do you think that is the type of person you want to be? 

We talked more about the subject, but you get the idea. I am grateful for my life, the twists and turns, the good choices and the bad. If I want to learn, I have to except my life lessons and move on. I have to let my tears fly away....

Here is to a new start, everyday.
Let your tears fly away.
Carrie Lee


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I just love the answer you offered to your friend's son. I've often pondered the very same thing. You gave such sage advice. Your new work is just gorgeous, Carrie. Thank you for sharing it. Theresa

Felicia said...

This is just the message I needed today, let the tears fly away. My Dad starts chemo today, I am a true believer in positive thought and what it can achieve, so if I let my tears fly then I'll have a clear head.
Thank you lovely Carrie x x

Carrie Lee said...

Dearest Felicia,
I am so glad you enjoyed that post, I am so sorry to hear about your dad though. I will be praying for his complete recovery and health! I hope you take care of yourself also, I am sure this is hard on you, it can't be easy seeing your loved one suffer. Promise me you will take some time for yourself and just breath.
Lots of love.
From one English woman to another. LOL
Carrie Lee

Carrie Lee said...

Thank you Theresa.... that means a lot to me. Hope all is wonderful with you!!!
Carrie Lee

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