Wednesday, January 12, 2011


'She is the Forest.
She is the Tree.
 when the Season's change,
so does she.'
by Carrie Lee Wendt

Oh snow... you are so magical. I am going o go finish building a snow fort with the mountain that is our front yard. The kids and I started on it the other day, so much fun!!!  I just wanted you to know... I am going to take a breather for a couple weeks, okay maybe just one. I don't think I can stay away that long. My brother is coming to visit and I need to refocus my energy on my family. You can keep in touch with  me through Facebook if you like.  Also, thank you. Your ongoing support of my show is humbling. I always dreamed of my life as it is, but never actually thinking it would become a reality.  I am grateful. And here is another peak at this girl from the show......

All my Love,
Carrie Lee


LA-Laurie said...

I really love this one. She is so ethereal. As always, I love you.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh your new piece is gorgeous! A vision in white. :) How much snow did you receive? We got 22 inches in one snowfall. It was so magical. But it did take us quite a bit of time to dig ourselves out! Theresa

linnea-maria said...

Oh she's gorgeous!!! /Therese

Carrie Lee said...

Thank you ladies!!