Saturday, December 04, 2010

Chinese food.

There are times when something seems like a good idea, then later you realize it is NOT!

Here is the story of a girl who thought....
Boy I really need to start watching what I eat and take better care of myself. I should do a cleanse or something and start the new year off right!

But before going on this cleanse I should go out with a bang, how about some take out.... Haven't had Chinese food in ages.....yum.

Tempting isn't it.
Boy... Sure smells good......

It lured me in..... All you hear is the sound of us all going

Okay, so this is were it all goes very wrong..... Let the twisting and turning begin. Ooooooooof. Ooof. Reeeeaaaaallly, oof.

Thank goodness for my new friends. I think I am ready to start eating healthy. Lesson learned.

Carrie Lee

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Anonymous said...

О! ممتاز آخر. استمتعت حقا قراءة بلوق وظيفة الخاص بك.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

It is my sinful indulgence as well. Every once in awhile won't hurt, right? ;) As long as we're good the rest of the time. Theresa

LA-Laurie said...
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LA-Laurie said...

Yeah, I did that same thing only yesterday.