Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MIA.... am I forgiven?

So I went with my Sister..  my niece and friends to the Bahamas. It was her 21st Birthday. Yes I know, I am spoiled.  I don't know what I did to deserve such a fabulous year. But here I am and I am going to enjoy every second! Honestly, I don't remember ever traveling this much, or to such great places.
So here we go.... a recap.

On our way to the Bahamas... Do I look excited? Maybe. A little. 

Can I take this chair home with me? I think every mom should have one.
 We went to the Atlantis quite a bit, it was right next to our hotel. FUN!!

Went through the exhibits and aquariums.... insert Bangles music here.

My beautiful 21 year old niece Kaeli!!!

Her mom... my sis... Tracie!!! I love you bunches. xo

So then it was back home... to kids and activities....
Track meets. Connor is a rock star!

Look at my boy. Awwww. So proud.

And Cassidy too! She had so much fun. 
Look at her jump. Weeeeeeeee!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Mrs. Biller (a.k.a the best teacher in the world!), Robert Asp Elementary, and to the 5th Grade. 
How did he get so big so fast? And now he will be in Middle school next year. YIKES!

And while I was away... Well, you all know I have been working like a crazy woman. I had a show downtown (Fargo) at Atomic Coffee. I was nervous, palms sweating. I knew a lot of people would see my work. You could say I am still reeling from the whirlwind of the last month. I had writer from the High Plains Reader contact me wanting an interview. I did it. The day before I left on my trip. I was pretty goofy... I get all anxious and as my best friend teases me so often I 'forget how to speak human'. So I was more than nervous at what the outcome would be. So when I came home I saw the article....

Wow... A whole page? (Jaw drops to the floor) Okay let's read it...

Carrie Wendt Exhibit: Last Chance This Weekend

By Kristine Kostuck
Contributing Writer
Carrie Wendt’s art is displayed at Atomic Coffee downtown for one more week. If you happen to catch the show, it can bring you right back to your childhood. If you are a girl, you can see yourself. Most of her work resembles cameo necklaces that tell a story about being a young girl or woman.
If the name cameo is unfamiliar to you, it is a small mirror silhouette of a woman. The figure looks like a person from the 1800s or early 1900s. Many are jade or pearly pink, giving the necklace a classic beauty look. Wendt remembered her mother’s. “It [using this idea] was perfect for this show,” she said. “I am always drawing pictures of women’s faces.” Many pieces Wendt creates feature women. She is fascinated, she allows, by their complex nature.
Wendt’s displayed work at Atomic is a way for her to communicate emotions, struggles and self-uncertainty. “I have always been self-conscious, sometimes I feel like I am not getting what I really want to say out,” she said. “My art is a way to communicate with people. It is personal to me, especially in this show. And every woman I meet seems to relate to them.”
The pieces displayed do not show marked variation between them. The parts that are different are subtle. They are of paper, cut then pasted together like a scrapbooking piece. All in a frame that resembles the cameo necklace or a mirror. Many of the girls inside have black hair and not one of them smiling.
Looks are deceiving; her work is one-of-a-kind. “She has more than one story,” for example. The piece looks simple, a couple of books and a girl. The meaning of it is much deeper. It is a reflection of Wendt’s past, her move that brought her from her hometown in California to Moorhead. “I think everyone has a story or a past that has changed them,” she said. Others are based on motherhood, her favorite quotes or music.
Most of her work currently displayed is sold. However, this is not the only show Wendt has in store for Fargo. In this show, she introduces the public to an artistic side she hid for many years. “I stuck to what I thought people wanted me to do, people-pleaser that I am, but I realized I am doing this work anyways and it took a long time for me to just let go. That way you can find out what you are capable of and have better opportunities arise for you to inspire others.”
Wendt says that since she has “opened the door, I won’t be able to stop,” and will in time reveal her love for all areas of art. “I am an ADHD artist,” she said. “I have gone through so many different phases of it, I am internally a student forever.” 
Her interests include photo manipulations, calling Photoshop her “personal coloring book;” three-dimensional works and portraits. She has explored fashion, other forms of design, and is influenced by the L.A. art scene.
If you are interested in Wendt’s art but will not have time to see her work before it is taken down from Atomic, check out Gallery 4 downtown or her blog www.carrieleewendt.blogspot.com. Many pieces are displayed there too.

If You Go
What: Carrie Wendt
Where: Atomic Coffee
When: Through May 31
Info: 701.478.6160

Here are a couple terrible pictures... I forgot my camera. I had to use my phone. Sorry.

Hello cheesy grin. I look petrified. And I was.

It was dark... again, sorry I didn't take better pics.

You get the idea.

Missed you all. I am basically starting from square one since I have sold almost everything. Even at the Gallery! Things are sparse and I need to get back to work. I haven't forgotten you! I promise! It Is hard to know what to do at this point. I only have a few pieces left and I need to take most of what I have into the Gallery. So here is what I have decided..... I am going to sell one piece this month. An original. Whoever gets it, gets it. I will post the piece sometime this week. I will be adding what I can, when I can after that. Things have been going at such  a pace, that is hard for me to keep up. Especially, since I have been gone so much. I want to thank you. You make it all worthwhile. The kind words, support and inspiration are truly appreciated. BIG HUGS.... and good karma coming your way. 



LA-Laurie said...

It's good to see you back on the board baby. I'm so proud of you. Love you....Mom

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Carrie! Of course, you are forgiven!!! How wonderful to hear from you again. Loved seeing all your smiling happy faces in the Bahamas. And what a wonderful article on you. I'm THRILLED that you sold most of your work. I love it, and I'm happy there are lots of others who do, as well. Theresa :)

4giveMeJane said...

Congrats Carrie darling, on your great success in your exhibit! I'm very proud to call you my internet friend. :0) I cannot wait to see what you are cooking up now.

Anonymous said...

I love you carrie lee!