Friday, May 07, 2010

I am working on it.... Making it Pretty!

Cheese and Potatoes!!!
 (better than saying other expletives) 
 I feel like this week has flown by! I am still working on updates and additions to my art show and shop update(I am adding pieces before my reception , who knew people out there would like my work so much!!!! And in FARGO non the less!)  

I just made a big purchase. A large format Epson printer I have had a crush on for a while. This way I can print on demand... instead of having a middle man. How exciting is that! YAY. I still am figuring out all the details on how to run it properly. So here I am with loads to do.... I can't seem to work fast enough and I LOVE IT!!!! 

Girls.... I  just want to say... that you HAVE to go for it. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! It is hard work. I admit it. And I am only at the very beginning.... but I can feel the momentum moving me. It is so wonderful... to inspire, to move people... to find people that can actually relate to me. Maybe I live under a rock... I am not sure... but I never knew there were so many people out there with my thoughts.... my perspective.... my love. It is completely overwhelming. I feel like I am falling in love with humanity. It is intoxicating. It brings me to tears. I wish we could all go have a bonfire and camp out under the stars together. So wherever you are in your creative process.... I just want to encourage you. MOVE FORWARD. Seek your passion and never give up. I am behind you. I will keep telling you..... do it. Do it for you. Do it for them. Do it for the one you will never know. Because you will never truly know yourself... know your goodness ...until you follow that bumpy.... untraveled..... jungle covered road. Let's be adventurous together. 

Oh... and ... thanks. I love you all dear girls. You are the stars that shine so bright in the darkest sky. You will never know how much.....

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Carrie! Good to hear from you again. Thank you so much for your inspirational words. I try to remember them, but sometimes it's hard. But I am not one to give up, and so I go on! :)