Thursday, April 22, 2010



Here is a small taste of what is to come. I am working on these cameos. I am doing a lot of frame cleaning and painting... paper hunting and cutting.... drawing and  gluing.  I am very excited. It will be my first all girls show. It is amazing ...looking back and seeing how my journey has finally gotten me to this point. I knew it would happen. But the reality is nearly bringing me to tears... albeit happy ones. Love you guys. Thanks for all the encouragement!!

P.S. I would like to add, that in honor of Earth Day... all my frames are upcycled!!! I scoured high and low for these vintage beauties... and am delighted with how they are all turning out!


Theresa MacNaughton said...

Dear Carrie, this looks absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to see when they are completely finished. :) Hope you are well. Enjoy what is left of Earth Day! Theresa

Kim Mailhot said...

Brava ! These looks so good. And brava to you for celebrating how far you have come. Taking that time to celebrate on the journey is so important, I think. Makes you feel alive !
Big love to you.

Arya said...

What lovely cameo's my first thought when I opened this post was "WOW - I have to have one!"

I just love your artwork - it speaks to me on so many levels.

LA-Laurie said...

I love are brilliantly talented my dear! I'm horribly bummed to be missing yet another event. Oh how I wish I could be there. I know I say it alot but I really am so very proud of you. I love you....more. Mom

Valrie said...

The frames are beautiful and great to see you up cycle and recycle!

LA-Laurie said...

Hey baby, don't forget to post the pictures of the rest of your cameos. I love you dearest. Mom