Tuesday, April 06, 2010


There is never enough time is there? I was running some last minute errands. That is me, always in a mad rush. No sooner is the passover week done with, then I am a buzz with things to do, my brain is full of what I should be doing and ideas.... thoughts, theories, lists, stress. I have shingles. Yes... I have shingles. I thought it was just some strange allergic thing... but alas, no. Another thing added to my list.... doctor..... shingles prescription..... bleck. I am a bit better.... But nothing like taking a trip with the girls to make you excited and embarrassed in one foul swoop. Yay me.... I am going to Cazumel, Mexico for a short week. And I get to put a bathing suit on.
The 'Yay me's' come to a screeching halt here. I look like someone tied me to the back of a pickup and dragged me through the gravel. (Adding to the list... a bathing suit that looks more like a bio-hazard suit.... check.) 

With that said I decided... to take my own advice.... SNAP OUT OF IT!!! 

(... remember the Tylenol... check) 
 (.... go get a new sun-dress.... check)
( I might just add here that I talk big...
 I love the idea of travel but never have been a good traveler...
pathetic, I know... oh yeah, don't forget  Dramamine.... check)
(reminder to scold all the friends who talked me into reading the Twilight series... 
against my better judgement, I did. 
Now I am hooked, thanks girls. [snicker] 
Get second book... check)

I am going to have fun. I am always a bit apprehensive before I go anywhere... call it nerves.
Once I arrive, I will chill. I'll slip into a sun-dress and go walk on the beach. 
I will think, I will meditate. 
I will probably drink a little too much tequila and beer (hence the Tylenol). 

I like sitting here with my blogging buddies... 
but for now I better go do some actual 'live life to the fullest' kind of stuff.
I'll have one for you.


*Be back in a week. And I will miss you more than you miss me. I promise.


WrightStuff said...

Have a wonderful break! I just finished book 4 - yup, it's an addiction!! I won't tell you what happens, but it's a page turner to the very end...

Felicia said...

YOu'll have a ball! imagine being somewhere hot enough to put on a sun dress! I hope you feel better soon, stress is such a waste of time ( & yet we all fall for it!)
By the way i've read the entire series..... I'm actually starting the 4th one for a second time! I know, sad,I love it but thats a whole other email!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Have a wonderful trip ! The salt water should be good for the shingles too, not the mention how wonderful the sea and the tequila and the getaway will be for the rest of you ! I was in Playa Del Carmen a month and a half ago - Heaven !
Read the whole damn bunch ! Got to the end of the second one and said "Bite the Chick already, will ya ?!" but still read on...can't handle the movies though. Should make for some juicy beach side reading...
Enjoy !!!

Barbara said...

Good for you girlfriend! Get out there and have some fun, soak up the sun 'cause it will help your body and your soul. Let the stress melt away and come back refreshed and relaxed.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! Lucky you!!! :) I have read the entire Twilight Series and loved it. Stephenie Meyer is great at characterization. That will keep you nicely engrossed while you bask in the sunlight (we'll be worried if you start to sparkle...Edward reference). LOL Can't wait to see photos upon your return. :) Theresa

sheree said...

So funny I thought you were writing about me for a minit!
apprehensive is my middle name and I always say I love to travel but I think I love staying home even more! haha
I cant stand waiting

but i guess its what i must do while your away because im off to your etsy shop to buy that butterfly lady who keeps staring at me.

have a wonderful holiday


The Artists House said...

We will miss you while you're gone. So sorry to hear about the shingles. Your spirit is amazing, have I told you that before? I just love reading your blog, I always leave feeling uplifted. Well I hope your trip is going well. Can't wait to check back in and see how it was.

Lil 'ol me said...

You all are so sweet. I love hearing from you.
I am back, feeling revived and sun-soaked. Now I am working on my next show... so the posts will be sporadic for a little while. I will also be updating my Etsy store!! (So stay tuned Sheree!!)
Thanks lovies...

*I finished the whole Twilight saga.. I can't believe I am done and now I have to wait until June to see the next movie!!!!! AAAAHHHH!