Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have been home and I have been a busy girl.... 
I promise.

Have I ever told you how lucky I am?
I am the lucky bride of a hard working handsome boy.
My very own Mister. Yep. He is all mine. I am his.
My yin, his yang. We are opposite in many ways and alike in many others.
My mister likes to make things like I do. But he is far more talented than I.
You see I like to design and paint. He likes to craft and mold. 

He is a carpenter.

A maker of houses and all that goes in them. 
Here he is putting in the last of our new flooring.
He works so hard to make our home a strong one. 
And it is, like him.....
Strong and solid. Comforting and warm. Practical and beautiful.

He has made every cabinet... every spindle.... All the floors.
He put in our tongue and groove ceiling. 
Which he grooved himself. 
Yep... he got his groove on.

See how lovely our living room is .....

and here.....

He let me pick our new furniture.
It is all very comfy and has lots of stain-guard and an excellent warranty! 
That we will very likely put to use.)

I still can't believe our living room is done.  
We both put a lot of time into it.

I was also cleaning my office.....

Which needed some major organizing.
 So I can become a working machine!!

My shelves were such a cluttered mess. 
It was so hard to find anything.

But not now!!!
LOOK at these beauties...

Are they not lovely?

I never knew how being organized
 could be such a beautiful thing!

And finally my sweet little brownies can have the limelight!

Well... They shared a little of there glory with there girlfriend  Holga.

They didn't mind. 

 After all of our hard work I went and cuddled
on my new comforter.
 It just whispers dreams full of color and singing birds.

But no sooner was I lulled to sleep then 
came the preparation for Passover.

The company and the food... 
Oh Yes, the food.
I made fresh unleavened bread
and prepared the rack of lamb.

I apologize to those of you who may be vegetarians.
But would like you to know, 
that I LOVE lamb. 
I also respect and honor the sacrifice 
that was given to me to nourish my body.
I try to be ever mindful of all the blessing I have.
(And in this case it reminds me, even more,
 of the highest sacrifice ever paid.)

It was a beautiful dish.... all prepared to be grilled...

Here is an excellent recipe for grilled rack of LAMB.

So there it is. A whirl wind!!!
Still much to do... and I will take you along for that also.

And don't worry... I am still working on my art!

I have been scribbling and cutting and hunting...

Hunting for what you may ask..
These adorable antique brass frames with convex glass.
I have been trying with all my might to find enough for my show in May.
If your little elves tell you secretly where they are all hidden, 
will you kindly ask them to tell me also?

It is very much appreciated. 
Really and truly.
Happy Passover.




LA-Laurie said...

I love seeing what you've done with the house. All your hard work(and Jer's of course) has really paid off, it is just lovely and your rack of lamb looks simply delicious, I can almost smell it. Yum.

sheree said...

Hi Carrie, found you after popping over from Theresa's blog, Im in love with the picture of the girl with the butterfly.
anywho, a carpenter..swoon!!!
you are one lucky girl, although i have the man of my dreams, i was always after a carpenter who played the guitar. and the rack of lamb haha! i have never put anything up about eating meat because no one seems to even mention it in blog world but me, I thought i was stuck in the land of vegetarians!1 thank you soo much! i am not alone in my blood thirsty ways, and it looked really yum too mmmmm
Ok im a follower, see you again soon

raven moon magic

Felicia said...

Hi Carrie, Your home is beautiful! Its lovely to share the creation of your home with the man you love ( i'm lucky enough to do that too!)
Enjoy your lamb, Sheree is funny with her 'blood thirsty' ways!!
I wish you a happy Passover (i hope that is a suitable comment? not sure!)
F xx

Kim Mailhot said...

Wowie ! You and your artist hubby have created a lovely nest ! What a great space to create in and to be a family in. Enjoy your celebrations !

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Carrie! What a beautiful job your hubby did. I love all the warm colors in your home. I, too, married a man who is crafty and handy with a hammer! I'm sure he wishes he could do it all day long - just create things for the home and garden. I look forward to all the new creations you'll make in your newly-reorganized studio. Little by little, I keep making adjustments to mine. :)
So happy to have you back again! Theresa