Monday, January 04, 2010

About the New Year....

Everyone always has these resolutions.... something they want to change or make better or get rid of. Well enough of that I say! I want a real challenge..... so here it goes. To all my friends out there....

* what is at least one thing you are HAPPY about?

I want to know something about you that you like about yourself... your life.... your dreams. It can be your kids, your families... but I want to hear some things that maybe someone wouldn't guess.

I think we tend to focus on what is bothering us too much. I know I do. So what is it? What gets you giddy? Here are a few things about me...

Beyond... All those obvious loves.........I love ... hmmmm.....

I love that my pinky toes look funny... it looks like my mom's pinky toe.... which reminds me of her.

I love watching movies. ANY movie.... even if it is bad, I will find something I like.

I like my eyes.... they are a strange color and that always made me feel unique.... here is the funny thing... I was the only one on both side of my family to have 'my' eyes.... but the universe humbled me and gave both of my kids 'my' eyes.... I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love small cars.... the smaller the better..... if I could find a pimped out citation or gremlin... I would cry tears of joy.

I love that lady bugs get into my house and I find them here and there throughout the cold, bitter winter.

I love lipgloss..... I can't explain this.... but it definitely needs to be on the list.

I love having friends (and making more!) that I can be my dorky self with. I am either awkward and quiet or I get that whole... so giddy and anxious I can shut up thing.... really I am hopeless.

I love that I can see stars .... growing up.... I never saw them in the city.

I love finding things.... mostly books and poems.... reading words written in old english like Shakespeare.... I used to prance around my room and try to imagine I was Juliet and would 'try' to recite my favorite parts.

Since we were talking books.... I LOVE THE SMELL OF BOOKS! Yep, musty, dusty, etc.

I love to dance.... sometimes, in the morning, when everyone is gone.... I start dancing like crazy... nothing cool here.... it probably looks more like a clip from a tribal documentary around a bonfire.

Those are just a few..... so how 'bout you?

Oh yeah.... P.S. I love that I am a hypocrite ..... I just saw the scale.... going on a diet tomorrow. ;P

Have a wonderful 2010!


Grandma Laurie said...

Well now you went and made me cry....really you are too sweet my dearest girl. I miss you, it's a good thing I get to see you soon. Whaaaa..... Mom

Anonymous said...

LOve you DaD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Lil 'ol me said...

Okay DAD! Silly! xoxo

Dee said...

I love that moment when you wake up and realise it's a Saturday ... no work and you can lie in and luxuriate in sleepiness xxx

Renee said...

Carrie you are a total treat.