Sunday, November 08, 2009

You want my art?

Oh yeah... I agree I have been a bit of a chicken ?@*! in the past. But I want to ... oh yeah.. I do. I want to create... give me a challenge. I may fail... but what am I if I don't try? I have an inner daredevil waiting to be let free. So come on... let's do it.... this will be the year. Carrie... unleashed... can we handle it? HMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm.

We will both see.

BTW.. went to the derby girls tonight... may feel a little less awesome later. :P
(my personal disclaimer)

**also realizing I sound a bit like Mister Koolaid.... OH yeah!

1 comment:

Karman said...

Wow, Carrie! I love the last two pieces that you posted. I find the one with the heart very moving and not eerie at all. I'm so proud of you!!!