Sunday, August 02, 2009

Another day.... another season

Family......that is what it is all about.
I was recently reading a post of one of my fave blogger girls..... here (the wonderful Debee!!!) and she was talking about putting things off until tomorrow.... well i can relate. Oh boy.... i have decided that summer is not the season for blogging. I am a mom remember.. and while I would love deep down to be driven by inspiration to the point insanity... i have quite enough insanity with just my family..... I however can not deny the bubbling over sensation that is coming beneath the surface. i have been reading, surfing the web .... late at night and with the last few nights being sleepless... I even came down with a really nasty body bug.. My body cleansing itself for the new season to come? Not sure... I always have that initial fear before getting into my art process.... I am always changing and as an artist I get a little less afraid as I grow. Well.... let's see what happens.... slowly but surely.

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