Friday, May 01, 2009


OK.. all is better.
I am also back from surgery today. A bit loopy still, but all in all, not terrible. Always hoping that my issues down 'there' will go away... but no such luck. I was a little miffed ( okay those weren't the words I used but I am trying real hard to keep this blog G rated). I guess I will just deal with the cards I have been dealt... anyway on to better subjects. I am looking forward to this weekend.. seeing my nieces babies.. they both have little adorable boys! I am also looking forward to seeing all my peeps at the Gala. It should be fun.... and I hope my pain will subside by then, so I can part-AY! I guess she did give me some monster pain pills if I need them.... but oh how I hate to take that junk.... we'll see. I hope you all have a fabulous.. beautiful inspired weekend!



Shalee said...

Hey girlie what was the additional surgery for?? Update me

Sara McManigle said...

Hey Carrie. Sorry to hear you had surgery to deal with on top of all the chaos this spring. Sheesh!

What's the Gala like? I'm not sure I can since I might be boogyin' to the cities to pick up a pottery wheel or two. (Depends on what my stack of store & personal bills say this afternoon!)