Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Okay...okay...... I know I have been a bit behind. But I have been scratching my head and trying to work on some new things, and well.... let's just say that getting back into the swing of things is not all that easy. I have been downloading all my programs and adding new photo shop brushes. Also, to make things a little more complicated, my camera is MIA! No where to be found. And I have looked everywhere.... the batteries were still in my purse, which makes me think that I put it down somewhere and you know what that means! Sucks, I know. I had some cool pics on there to work on too! AARRRG. Oh well. I went through my box of ephemera and decided to use my scanner for this pretty lady... she was on one of my many sheet music covers. The song is called.... 'It took nineteen hundred and nineteen years to make a girl like you'. One long title! I guess back in 1919 they could take the time to say what they really wanted to say.

So there.... I stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish her. And it does feel better to get one piece under my belt... but I am still experimenting on my drawings and how to combine them with my digital art.... we'll see. So in honor of how I am feeling lately... I have named this piece accordingly... ' It's Complicated'. I will be opening my Etsy store back up soon! I have missed you all my lovelies!

p.s. I bought my computer at this pc is not your run of the mill pc however.... it has a lot of perks that a normal household computer does not need, it is great for someone like me who needs the extra power for my complicated graphic art and such... it would aslo be a great pc for a hardcore gamer..... xo

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Shalee said...

Thanks for the info on where you got the computer, I will take a look there and find something that suits me. Stephen would LOVE to get a Mac but well see.......