Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Challenge / Giveaway!

In celebration of becoming a full fledged Etsian......... let's make things interesting! I am all for freebies so here it goes. I am giving away an original print "The Creative Mind" 8 x 10 (5 0f 50).

How it works.... all you have to do is make a comment! Want two chances? Then comment AND follow my blog..... then your name will go in the hat twice!

I am now selling prints at Etsy..... just go to

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it...... woot woot!
*Ooops sorry ..... last contest entry...... march 5th. I will mail out on the 6th!


Shalee said...

Hey I checked out your Etsy page, very cool. I know a full fledged artist! Awesome:):) I have a fav of your work so far, cant wait to see much more. BTW I like the previous post of the cup of tea and mag, very you! That reminds me of your tea pot from your gramma that I like a total retard tried to use when I was out for your wedding remember??

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! I'm here! I'm here! lol.

I think I'm going to hafta break down and set up a blogspot too...seems like every artisan is! Just when I had myspace lookin' good, too. :P

I love the video. My mom would have been saying the same thing! I especially like when he says "It's just family," then it's on a blog. hahaha. PERFECT!

I also like your music. I'm always trying to talk friends into making me a mix cd cuz I'm not the greatest at finding new stuff I like, but LOVE what they find. I may just hafta check out your musicians!

:) Catch ya later!

Sara said...

Oh...I just had a brain bubble a second ago...

I can totally see your artwork as cd covers for the music on your blog. Have you thought about networking with some of the regional recording studios? It's not a gallery, but it'd definitely be exposure!

Shalee said...

NO WAY, we totally made Bupdoti up so how the heck was it a verification word? Too funny, I still remember that day on the way to the beach just you me and Alesha! Goodtimes.

Sara said...

Hey girl! Ok, so this is Sara from Etsy as Winged Expression...

I created a new blogspot just so I can enter your giveaway twice!!!!!

JK - I had to do some consolidating of email addresses cuz it was just getting too crazy. The email that my other blog was created with didn't make the cut. these gadgets...I found the Etsy mini, I just don't know how to get it into a gadget space???

Anonymous said...

Hi nice to stumble on a little bit of your life. Your gorgeous children, lovely dogs - so sweet! And I'm very sorry about the loss of Grandmother...even when someone has had a long, full life, it is still very painful for the people they leave behind. Loss is always so hard, under any circumstances. You wrote a beautiful tribute to her.

Grandma Laurie said...

Since I am your biggest fan, so totally loyal and the fact that I can and will play the "Mother" card, I think I should be elegible to win an original piece of your art. After all, I did make the original Carrie, (with a little help from your Dad.) I love you more. Mom

Sara said...

Heya woman! I need a follower!!!!! lmao. Other than that, how's it going?

I spent most of the day chewing people's butts, then spent an hour on the phone listening to a guy with a British accent ruin it by talking constantly, asking me a question, then not letting me answer. Gotta love personals sites.

Other than that, all's good! Birthday on the 11th. How much you wanna bet I'll be in the pottery studio??? Ha!

Carrie L Wendt said...

And the winner is... you all are! I am just a terrible business woman!I just thought ... there were only four of you, and it is worth it to have such sweet loyal fans (and .. er family) Well... this will give me a great idea on how mailing will go! You will each get one original 8 x 10..... I better start getting them ready!