Friday, January 02, 2009

Going to Cali...

I will be leaving town EARLY Sunday morning. I need to be with my mom right now and spend what time I can, with Grandma. I am happy to get to see my family, yet sad about the circumstances.

So much going on right now... put all my art up at Gallery 4, and my art show at the Winery. 30 pieces altogether, phew! Some larger mixed media panels, and lots of fun prints. I have alot of diversity in all my work... all my pieces have something that will speak to everyone. I hope;)
Come see if you can... downtown broadway- Gallery 4 OR off of 13th in between the scheels and Cashwise in Fargo- The Winery. I have decided to move my reception to the 15th of January, I should be back by then. I will be there to visit and have a glass of wine with everyone and listen to some great music. I will send out an e-vite soon. XOXOX Carrie

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