Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where is she?

Okay you remember how I said inspiration was knocking at my door? Well, I am pretty sure she was upset that I did not answer right away and stomped off in a little snit. HMMMMM.
What to do, what to do.... I am just so all over the place right now.
#1 I have to get the kids settled into school and do conferences with their teachers.
#2 I need to get switched into cold weather gear, we had snow this morning and came to discover that Cassidy has grown out of her snow pants, my girl has gotten tall! I have to get our clothing organized!
#3 I am not in home mode yet.... a little sad without my mom around, all the housework, and a garden with carrots covered by fresh snow, planters yet to be emptied.... it never ends.
#4 I have to paint! I have a show coming....
#5 and a children's book to illustrate.....
#6 not to mention my studies in natural health!
So much to do...... am I insane? (don't answer that!)
I need to organize my time, I need to become a machine! I need to NOT procrastinate!
I need to stop being afraid of success! You heard me, I am more afraid of success than failure.
I think success is the unknown, and a bit scary, so help me out here ,if you will, and push me along if you don't mind...
Could you all send a little inspiration this way?
A poem, a comment, A poem in the comment?Whatever... something, anything. Bring me back to life.
P.S. Dear Inspiration, if you are out there, could you forgive me and come back to me? I am so sorry for my rudeness. I truly am. Do I have to grovel? Beg? You have to forgive me! Have you thrown me over? I know you travel with my good friend Karman, have you both become new best friends? Can't we all be friends? Please? I miss you both dreadfully!


Shalee said...

Miss Inspiration she came and then went, and now my creativity seems to be spent. Life is crazy and taking over, makes me wish I could have the simple life like Rover. But life wont stop and refuses to wait, though I would appreciate some more time to contemplate. So Miss Inspiration please come back, so I can get back on my creativity track!

Love ya
p.s. there ya go hope that helps the inspirational juices to start flowing.

Grandma Laurie said...

Ever the Mother: I'll leave the clever poems to others and offer just a little motherly advice. Take a deep breath and remember, even though deadlines are looming large. You do have more than just one day to get things done. Prioritize and make your list my darling girl. You will get it all done in time. And remember, you can say NO to some things. I know you have a problem with that.
Maybe you should add "Manic Monday" to your play list.
I love you and miss you dreadfully. Mom