Monday, September 22, 2008


OK.... the votes are in.... I won! I am kinda wondering if everyone was a little bias? I hardly had any chili left and I made two big batches, so maybe it was as good as they say. I named it BUCKLE BUSTIN' BUFFALO CHILI! I made it with all organic home and local ingredients, and boy was it tasty! I pulled out all my tricks for this one. I think everyone had a blast... football, food, friends and fun! We also had a beautiful day. I hope this becomes an annual tradition, we had a great time.

Today I almost finished the painting... I also worked on finishing a hat, it only needs beads. I decided on a label for the hats and sewed it in. I am happy with my logo. I decided that, because I have so many creative outlets, I would just stick with my name... that way it works for whatever I do. I was going to brand it with a name like headcase or something else funny but knew that I would get bored with that and just knew I would always be me! No changing that, I mean i do not plan to enter the witness protecting program any time soon or anything. So hope everyone is grand... here is step 4 and 5.... and hat with my new label!

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Karm said...

LOVE the new work!